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Paragon Premium Blend Tea Bag

Brand : Paragon

Category : Tea


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Features of Paragon Premium Blend Tea Bag A symbol of excellence with the latest technologies of the World-renowned Tea Bagging Machine, under close supervision of the Country’s leading Tea Professionals, Blenders and tea Connoisseurs. Packed inside the Garden of the Company in the close vicinity of a lush green environment of Mother Nature by ensuring the product free from any taint and unwanted elements. Manufactured under strict supervision for premium food quality control & from the best ingredients. Net Weight: 100g Quantity: 50 Double Chamber Tea Bag Boxes; 1 Carton = 40 Boxes Ingredients: Black Tea Preparations For every cup of Tea, use one Tea Bag. Pour freshly boiled water into the Cup and allow the tea to infuse for 2 or 3 minutes. Remove the tea bag from the Cup and milk, sugar or lemon as you desired and enjoy the incomparable taste of Paragon Premium Blend Tea. Product of Bangladesh Certification: BSTI; ISO 22000:2018; GMP, HACCP.